Dymonds Co was founded in November of 2021 after owner, Haley Don, purchased a $30 sewing machine off of Facebook Marketplace. With her prior sewing skills consisting of assembling a single fleece hat in eighth grade, she was determined.

"After wasting hundreds of dollars on dog clothes that didn't fit, I decided to do something about it! It took me two months to create my own pattern that was perfect for Dior and another two to create additional sizes," Haley says. 

The selling of the Great Dane Jammies happened accidentally! Haley made her Dane, Dior, a pair of adorable fleece moose pajamas that included a hood. Impressed with her diligence and creativity, she posted this photo to a Facebook group.

"As soon as the photo was accepted by the admins of the group, it went all up from there," Haley says in utter disbelief, "hundreds of likes in the matter of seconds accompanied by just as many comments. People interested in buying them, or DM'ing me commissioning me to make a pair for their dog. I didn't know what I had gotten myself in to if I am being honest."

But, with the support of her family and Dior (unknowingly starting a career in modeling), took the idea and ran with it. 

Shortly after making the post, she created the exclusive 'Great Dane Jammies' group on Facebook which grew more than a thousand followers overnight! 

Since Dior is Dymonds official dog model, you might be wondering why you see pictures of this dog every now and then!

This is Dymond, who her Great Dane Jammies shop is named after! Dymond was Haley's 'heart dog,' and they had a relationship like no other. At the end of 2019, Haley started working from social media in addition to her full-time job and nursing school schedule with the hopes of, "providing Dymond with the backyard he deserves," she said.

However, shortly after Dymond's second birthday in the midst of the global pandemic, he and Haley were attacked by another dog at their local reservoir. Unfortunately, Haley was unable to find the man who's dog viciously attacked them after he fled the crime scene shortly after the incident.

Unfortunately, Dymond gained his angel wings on June 13th, 2020 after a long, hard battle with infection. 

Dior came in to her life unexpectedly, shortly after Dymond's passing. He brought her goals, dreams, and promise to his predecessor back to life. 

"I made the original dedication of my future success to Dymond and providing him with a backyard he deserved. I've changed that goal now that Dior is in the picture to consist of a more exquisite life that goes beyond just a backyard," she says with laughter.

The success Haley has had with this business in just these few short months, on top of the additional streams of income she acquires through working from social media - the lifestyle she's always dreamt of obtaining might be at her fingertips sooner than she originally thought!

Because Haley began in the industry of Entrepreneurship with zero background on owning a business (or multiple for that matter), she never fails to learn everything she can to create a seamless customer experience, and create a high quality product that Dane owners have all been searching so hard to find.

While her journey still consists of smoothing out the kinks and taking constructive criticism from those around her, she hopes to one day set up a program to give back to the Great Dane Community.

"I am fluent in American Sign Language and have always dreamt of having a deaf dog. The breeder I got Dymond from was amazing, but he was the one I picked out of the litter because I was (secretly) hoping he was deaf," she states. 

Haley is still working on the philanthropic side of her business, but she is hoping to get that up and running soon!

Again, she would like to thank everyone from the bottom of her heart for supporting her journey these last few months! 


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