‼️ NEW: Surgical Suits! ‼️

Unlock unparalleled comfort and protection for your Great Dane with our newly launched Surgical Suits. Designed specifically for large breeds, these suits ensure a snug fit and provide superior coverage for post-surgical recovery. Featuring triple-layered absorbent padding and compatibility with sanitary pads, our suits are crafted to keep your Dane safe and comfortable while they heal. Available now in sizes 4X to 7X—because even the biggest paws deserve the gentlest care.


Handcrafted By Us.
Customized By You.
Worn with love by your furry crew 🐾

At Dymonds Co our cozy, handmade dog pajamas are crafted with a careful blend of warmth, comfort, and a dash of irresistible charm. Made from breathable materials to manage shedding and dander, our outfits aren't just potty-friendly - they are a trendy solution to the changing seasons and a protective barrier against outdoor allergens.

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  • Love!!!!!!!

    We were very impressed with the Jammie's we purchased! They fit well and our girl loves them!


  • Exceeded my expectations!

    These summer T's are fantastic! The fabric is lightweight and breathable and both my boys look fantastic in them! The starry night print is amazing and both my boys look amazing in them! They are high quality and the craftsmanship is outstanding! I couldn't be happier!


  • We Love our Snoods!

    Haley keeps in touch w you regarding your order status from beginning to end. Keeps you informed! We love doing business w dymonds! 💎


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