Which Size is Right for Your Dane?

Before purchasing any doggy apparel items, it is important that you know which size is going to best fit your furry friend! 
Refer to the images below to help you measure your pup! 


  • To accurately measure the length of your dog, measure from the base of your dogs neck to the tip of your dogs tail
  • When measuring the neck and chest, measure around the largest part to ensure that the apparel will not fit too tightly.
  • The most important measurement is the chest! Generally, there is enough give in the fabric to make up for the length and neck. 
  • Knit fabrics have more give than fleece in all areas.

 Size Length / Back (inches) Chest (inches) Neck (inches)
3X 28-29 30-35 20-21
4X 29-30 35-40 21-22
5X 30-32 38-42 23-24
6X 33-34 40-45 24-26
7X 35-36 44-50 26-28

***more size options coming soon!***


If you are looking for jammies and don't see your size, please fill out the contact form with the measurements of your dog and I will get back to you ASAP with pricing!


Dymond's does not accept returns due to incorrect sizing.

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  • I am looking to order 1 possibly 2 pair of Jammies for my Great Dane and am a tad confused on what size. His measurements are: Neck 23.5”. Chest 38” and Length 37”…

    Kirby is 10 months old and weighs 160 pounds … I know…. Hoping he can wear them for a bit but don’t want them to completely hang off! Thank you I’m super excited!

    Alicia Porter

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